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The Beach Bolt, Sydney’s hardest mile is back this year on 31st July. 2016 will see a course change, just to keep you Bolters on your toes! The course begins on the soft sand, then follows a route up over the Coogee headland and back onto the beach for the finish line. But don’t be fooled by the short distance – this is a serious challenge.

We know you love a challenge so this year we want you to go even further with our exciting new Bolt training tracker. Use this tool to log your daily exercise and see how much of the virtual track you can complete on the road to Coogee. Join a virtual team or go it alone, compete with other Bolters and share your progress to help raise more money towards our goal of $50,000. Find out how easy it is to get started HERE.

Don’t forget to wear your finest Super Hero gear on Bolt day! From a cape to the entire Spiderman suit, we want to see everyone join the fight against child abuse.

#barnardosbeachbolt #beachbolt #outrunchildabuse